Um Coração Verde

The World’s Only Carbon-neutral Streaming Service

Developed pre-pandemic in 2019 by experienced international film producers to reduce the need for travel to shoots, Remote Filming delivers a significant, positive impact on the environment.

The budget savings productions make by reducing disposable travel, accommodation and hospitality costs go hand-in-hand with the growing need for all productions to balance purpose and profit in the production sector.

As businesses in all sectors carefully consider the impact of their decisions on their Employees, Customers, Suppliers, Community, and the Environment, productions are no exception to this movement.

A Filmagem Remota orgulha-se de desempenhar um papel significativo na ajuda à redução do impacto das produções no meio ambiente e nas comunidades em todo o mundo.

Travel and production restrictions may continue for some time, reducing the ability of studio and broadcast executives, talent, teams and crew to attend. Satisfying new ways of working can reduce the need for travel and deliver a lasting benefit for the environment – and budgets.