We are so pleased to announce that Remote Filming is sponsoring LBBonline – Little Black Book‘s Sustainability Channel, underlining its commitment to sustainable film production and disposing of disposable travel to and from shoots. It often simply isn’t necessary to be on set or location.

Click to see the banner online and live… http://bit.ly/3EYT3bS

Co-Founder, Anthony Barry says, “It’s a perfect opportunity for us. Sponsor LBB Online’s Sustainability Channel will really help us drive the narrative around sustainable production that other organisations are simply not addressing – specifically the huge impact travel has on the environment, a direct result of disposable travel in all forms of film production.”

The sustainability-focused content in LBB’s Sustainability Section had 27.7K views in the last 12 months so there will be so many more people in film production looking at the Remote Filming brand and what it stands for, as well as sharing and learning all the great innovations and activities undertaken by the film sector in e UK and all over the world.

Developed to demonstrate what remote shooting is capable of, Remote Filming has proven its worth as an environmentally conscious solution to a very real problem, and through widespread use of its unique streaming system, Remote Filming is keen to show the film industry how its service can help achieve carbon neutrality. “We ensure quick, easy, 100% secure viewing from anywhere in the world, to anywhere in the world, requiring very low internet upload connections and transmitting content with near-zero latency and minimal equipment,” Anthony explains. “Remote Filming requires only a laptop and the internet, no specialist equipment or technicians and so it is a really simple and easy-to- set-up streaming system and a sustainable solution to the current universal problem of disposable travel in film productions.” You can see the Remote Filming Demo here.

Remote Filming has a role in production of all kinds, short-form and long-form, and has seen a dramatic uptick in use by film production companies in particular. However, Remote Filming feels there is still a way to go when it comes to convincing Agencies, Brands and Production Companies of the financial and environmental value of remote production.

While there are no enforced travel regulations or restrictions – yet – it is still important for all Brands, Agencies and Production Companies to do what they can to lessen their carbon footprint and reduce climate damage, Remote Filming’s film sector calculations indicate that Remote Filming helps companies save up to 75% of their travel and hospitality budget if they’re spending a million ‘travel pounds’ a year.

Transporting teams across the world to execute a campaign has been advertising’s trademark approach for a long time – for the alleged value-added to the craft or simply to satisfy the desire to embark on an international trip but none of the Brands and their Agencies’ creativity nor craft need suffer as a result of less travel.