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Black screen in viewer

Streamer or Viewer? #

It is important to find out if this is happening in everyones viewer portal or just one person. The way to test this is for someone to log on to the viewer using a different network connection than the person seeing a black screen. If  the picture is seen and not black screen that means it is in an individual viewers network configuration that needs to be addressed. If everyone is seeing a black screen it means the Streamer is the issue.

How to resolve on the Streamer end #

This only happens very rarely, to quickly solve it, just use a different internet connection.

To keep the same connection and solve it some port forwarding adjustments need to be made on the router to allow TCP / UDP packets on specific ports.

Most routers already have this enabled, however as an example some IT managed offices may block any none work related ports. It is very easy to remedy, the following settings need to be added to the router.

  • Network to allow TCP and UDP packets
  • Ports to be open are: 80, 443, 3478, 5349

TCP is the priority over UDP if they are independent.

You could ask your IT manager to allow these ports, make the changes yourself, or if you have access to the router we can do it for you remotely.

For an in depth guide and an example of how to do this please see our doc on how to add TCP / UDP packets 


How to resolve on the Viewer end #

This only happens very rarely, to quickly solve it, just use a different internet connection to view the stream like a hotspot.

We are BBFC approved so out of the box you should be able to view our stream, however, when strict network settings are applied sometimes we find that it blocks our stream.

As an example if you are connected via Sky Broadband their routers come pre configured with Sky Broadband Shield which would need to be toggled off or put to a less strict setting for the duration of the shoot. This can be done very quickly by either talking to your internet service provider and getting them to change it for you or logging and changing the settings your self. Sky Broadband shield can be accessed by following this link https://www.sky.com/myaccount/bb-and-talk/broadband-shield

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