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Connection Types

General Note #

We would always recommend where possible to use an ethernet connection where possible, see below for a table for a comparison between WiFi and Ethernet.


WiFi vs Ethernet #





Fast depending on your router, whether your device can support the speed and your proximity to the router. 

Fast with no bandwidth reduction even when far away from the router.


Signal becomes less reliable the further away you are.

Hugely stable connection, no interference.


Less private. WiFi connections can be interfered with if multiple devices are connected to a router.

Highly secure – no one can connect unless they have a cable to do so.


Some latency, dependent on where you in proximity to your router when streaming and how much interference there is.

Little to no latency.


No cables – can be connected to from anywhere within range of the router e.g. can connect from different rooms without extra wiring.

Requires wiring from your device to a router and may need a network switch to connect several devices.


Can be easy to setup – will usually need a password.

Quick and easy – simply plug in a cable with no passwords required. Cables are cheap to buy.

4G, and LTE #

It’s possible to stream using 4G, the success of your streams will all depend on how fast your connection is. There is no hard and fast rule when it comes to internet speeds.

Checking your 4G speeds is actually quite easy and only takes a few minutes. All you have to do is a speed test please visit  our Speed Test page from your browser

It will do a quick test on your upload and download speed and will give you an idea of how fast your 4G connection is.

If your speeds are lower than 5Mb/s you may have problems streaming. If this happens you may want to switch to a faster connection.

Please see our Network Requirements page for information on the network requirements we recommend to be be able to stream

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