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Quick Start to Remote Filming

Intro to Remote Filming #

How to get started #

Please go to our Pricing page to book and purchase a stream.

If your shoot is 21 days or more please get in contact via our General Enquiries on the Support page to discuss your project.

Hardware requirements #

Mac #

Hardware #

For our Remote Filming app to run the Apple mac hardware should be manufactured no earlier than 2017. Ideally this would be with i7 or greater processor with at least 8Gb of Ram. All M1 or greater models are supported.

Operating System #

For our Remote Filming app to run the operating system should Mojave or newer.

For further info please go to our Computer Hardware Requirements page

Capture Card #

Book Software Install Service #

Once you have purchased your stream it is time to book in the install service.

Please go to our Book Install page to book your time slot. You will need to be signed in to do this. The install usually takes 5 minutes, however the slots are in 15 minute increments to allow us time between installs.

Invite Viewers #

Shoot #

24/7 Tech Support #

For 24/7 Support we use Whatsapp Business.

If you are on your shoot and need help, feel free to voice call us using Whatsapp Business at any time. We are always here for you.

Just click the ‘Call us’ button below, scan the QR code or add +447901174049 to your contacts and get in contact.

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