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No Audio

Is anyone getting audio on the viewer end? #

It is important to check this. If anyone is receiving audio, that means the Streamer end is set up correctly and streaming to everyone. This means what needs to be solved is individual viewers audio output.

If it is on the Viewer audio output. #

Check that the audio in the Remote Filming viewer is not muted #

Our viewer comes with audio muted by default, it is important to un mute the audio to receive sound. The mute / unmute button is in the bottom right hand corner of each player.

Check that the audio is not muted or turned down on your device #

Please check your device that you have the audio unmuted and turned up

Check your sound output #

Please check that your sound output on your device is set to the correct output you want to use to hear audio. Check you aren’t connected to Bluetooth headphones / speaker and you don’t have headphones plugged in.

With all this checked you should have audio.

If nobody is getting audio on the Viewer fix on the Streaming end #

How to add a audio source in Remote Filming #

Blackmagic Design capture cards automatically add the audio as a source, however for other capture devices the audio needs to be added manually. To add manually got to Remote Filming > Preferences > Audio > Global Audio Devices  and set  Mic/Auxiliary Audio drop down to your capture card.

Check you are receiving audio #

On the bottom of the user interface of our Remote Filming app you should see the audio sources, please check to see if the audio is bouncing green bars. If you have green bars but no audio on the stream, please check that your audio is being received at the same fps as the picture.

Check that the audio is not muted #

Check in the bottom right of the Audio source bar that there isn’t a red speaker symbol with an x, if so click it so it turns white, this will un mute the audio.



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