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Network Issues

Why is my stream stopping or not connecting? #

Our stream is very lightweight on the network, however if your stream is stopping please check the network requirements and use the speedtest below to see if your connection is good to use for streaming.

Network Requirements #

Speed #

To get the best possible performance, you generally want upload speeds at least as fast as the following:

  • 5Mbps is preferred for HD streaming.
  • 25Mbps is preferred for 4k and beyond streaming.

Ping / Latency #

If you’ve noticed on your Speedtest results a high ping number this means there is latency in your connection.

Here’s a rough guideline:

  • Winning: 0-59 ms
  • Live: 60-129 ms
  • Struggling: 130-199 ms
  • Game over: 200+ ms

Speed test #

Please use the speed test below to test your connection to the internet and that it matches the requirements.

Notes #

Please bear in mind that your speed test may come up with good results however you still may be experiencing issues. This will very likely be due to your distance from the router using WiFi. 

If this is the case try to move as close to the router as possible or better still use an ethernet cable and turn off WiFi on your computer.

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